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About Us

At FootPrints & PawPrints, we put our love for pets and children into everything we do.


Our Story

Hey, my name is Tez! (They/Them She/Her) I’m originally from Milwaukee, WI, but I currently live in Garland, TX. I have lived in Texas for about 10 years now. I’m an actor, love animals, and am the Proud Owner of FootPrints & PawPrints. I’ve taken care of Dogs, Cats, Special Pets, And kids 0 - 17yrs old. Throughout my entire life, I’ve always had a strong love for animals and children. Before now, I'd worked on platforms and word of mouth for years, finally finding the courage to make it into my own company. At the moment, it's not any other businesses that offer these dual services. But in addition, I  also have experience training puppies and senior animals and caring for children, Newborn, Toddlers, Kids, and Teens. I take your family's needs seriously and with the utmost respect and care. Foots or Paws because they are a part of your family, so I treat them as if they are another Important Individual or a Family Member of my own! 

Suburban Family Home

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Meet The FootPrints & PawPrints Team!

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